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New Version: Nov 16, 2018.

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[Nov 16, 2018] New version of Astra Image ( What's new.

Check out these tutorials by Viktor Schmidt (in German).

Astra Image - Amazing Image Processing

For astrophotography, scientific and remote imaging, and everyday photos. World-class, professional tools at your fingertips. Do deconvolution, multiscale sharpening, wavelet sharpening, denoising and much more. Available as an application and Adobe Photoshop plug-ins.

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Multiscale Processing

Multiscale Contrast, Multiscale Sharpening and Super Contrast

Adjust image sharpness and contrast at different scales with separate controls for shadows, midtones and highlights.


Deconvolution, Simple Deconvolution, Remove Camera Shake and Focus Blur.

Sharpen and restore your pictures with Astra Image's extensive deconvolution toolset.


Over 25 Powerful Adjustments.

Enhance images with powerful, non-linear adjustments.


Powerful and Easy-to-Use Denoising.

Remove noise and preserve details easily.

Astra Image

Make amazing photos quickly and easily.

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Remove camera shake

Remove focus blur

Advanced deconvolution for sharpening

Wavelet sharpening

Multiscale contrast adjustment

Super contrast

Multiscale sharpening

Multi-zone tone adjustment

Advanced brightness, contrast and exposure

Simple and advanced tone mapping

Edge-preserving denoising

Color balance and temperature adjustment

Color channel mixer

Advanced decolorization

Lens distortion correction

RGB and LRGB combining

Adaptive filtering

Convolution filtering

Pixel math

Advanced image statistics

RAW and FITS file support

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 with at least 2GB RAM. 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported
File Formats
TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FITS (8, 16, 32-bit), BMP, HDR, EXR and many RAW formats.