April 19th, 2023

The New Astra Image 6.0 Updates, Pricing and Roadmap

We are excited about the upcoming release of Astra Image 6.0. This release will mark a new era for Astra Image. Here are some more details about what is coming up.

Pricing and Updates

Like many people around the world, we are feeling the effects of higher prices. We have tried to keep the cost of Astra Image low because we wanted everyone possible to have access to our software. But we need to keep the lights on and put food on the table, so we are reluctantly raising the price for Astra Image 6.0. Here are the facts:

* If you buy Astra Image now, you will receive an upgrade to Astra Image 6.0 for free.

* After Astra Image 6.0 is released, the price will be $US71.00 including the sales tax for your country. This will be a three-computer license with free updates for one year.

* After one year, if you wish to continue receiving updates, the cost will be $US24.00 per year including sales tax. If you don't want to receive updates, you copy of Astra Image will still continue working forever.

Producing Astra Image is a fantastic experience! To everyone who has supported us over the years, thank you! We hope you continue to enjoy using Astra Image.

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The Astra Image Roadmap

Coming soon in 2023

Astra Image 6.0 has a lot of new features. Here is a breakdown of what's in the next release.

A refined user interface. We have refined some controls to make them more visually appealing. Also, we have added a dark mode to reduce distraction and fatigue while you are working.

Hardware Acceleration. Many functions can now use the CPU + GPU for much faster processing.

Lab or RGB color space processing. If your computer has a suitable CPU/GPU, you can choose to make adjustments in either RGB or Lab color space. You can switch back and forth in real time.

Coming later in 2023

Here are some features we plan to add after Astra Image 6.0 is released.

Python IDE. Write and execute python code in Astra Image. This will allow you to add custom functions to Astra Image, do batch processing, add AI models, the sky is the limit.

OpenCL IDE. Write OpenCL kernels that execute on the CPU or GPU. You will be able to write high-speed custom functions and add them to Astra Image.

Built-in AI functions. Use state-of-the-art AI models for image processing functions like super resolution, deblurring etc.